Svan Data works with customer friendly and adaptable import/export statistics.

That means that statistics fall into the customers informaiton structure,

which has been individually developed according to experience, traditions,

working situation, technical facility, etc.


Benefits of Svan Data statistical system:


·         Customized statistics. Each subscriber get its own program in the system,

·         which make it possible to design the information to your own requirements.

·         Web-distribution. Subscribed statistics can be distributed to you on the web,

·         with your own Username and Password.

·         The Username and Password can be distributed to other staff members within your company.

·         The statistics can therefore be accessible to many people in your company.

·         Support.  With 35 years of experience,  we help you solve any problem,

·         which may occur with the statistics.

·         Global statistics. You can order monthly statistics from more than 60 countries

·         and annual statistics from more than 160 countries.




Tetra Chemicals Europe AB, Helsingborg, Sweden Elisabeth Lundgren, Sales & Marketing Manager


It functions simply and easily, especially the new Web Distribution, which eliminates

the need to store large files of statistical information on our computers.

The statistical tables are easily read, actual and we use statistics very often in our daily work.

It’s also very easy to talk with Svan Data and if something is wrong; one can always call

and get the prolem solved quickly. There are never any difficulties.
























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